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We all have those students who don’t like writing and have a lot of negative emotions surrounding writing in general. Even though winter break is coming soon, there are still things you can either try during these last few weeks or implement when you return in January. But either way, we want our students interested and engaged in writing. So in today’s episode, I’m sharing five strategies for engaging reluctant writers and some bonus tips for disguising writing. 

These strategies that I share are for creative writing and can easily be added or incorporated into your existing routine to spark a desire for student writing. Some ways to engage reluctant writers are to include student interests, make shared time a natural and consistent occurrence, designate a special place, and involve yourself during student writing time. Each idea encourages student writing, makes connections, and creates positive feelings toward writing.

Implementing all of these ideas can be overwhelming, so I encourage you to focus on a few to start engaging reluctant writers during your writing block. Whether you choose to use these strategies before the break or when you return to school, make sure to check out my writing resources to get you started and develop a student’s love for writing!

In this episode on engaging reluctant writers, I share:
  • 5 engagement strategies to add or incorporate into your existing writing routine
  • 3 simple ideas that disguise writing in fun and creative ways
  • A fun way to get yourself involved during student writing
  • Ways to celebrate student writing and make writing time special
  • Resources you can use to help your reluctant writers
Resources Mentioned:
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