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With only a few weeks of school left, we tend to be in summer mode or close to it. While we all love the break that summer brings, it can sometimes interfere with maintaining students’ literacy skills. In today’s episode, I’m sharing 8 preventative ideas to help prevent the “summer slide”. 

For those unaware of the summer slide, it’s when entering the summer they don’t keep up with learning practices and skills, therefore starting the next school year not prepared or behind academically.

As teachers and parents, we want to try and encourage kids to incorporate quick, daily activities and practices that help keep their learning fresh and mastered over the summer. 

Throughout my years of teaching and literacy work, I’ve established and implemented 8 ideas that prevent the summer slide. Those ideas include:

  • Choice boards
  • Doing an ABC countdown
  • Providing summer writing opportunities
  • Using a reading challenge
  • Providing references, charts, and resources
  • Affordable workbooks
  • Using free website
  • Summer classes

Even though summer is a time for fun and a break, it’s important to incorporate academics throughout their time off from school. Making literacy practices fun, engaging, and providing a choice makes it feel more enjoyable than work.

If finding summer activities to prevent the summer slide for your students was on your to-do list, after listening to this episode, that’s now off your list of things to do!

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In this episode on preventing summer slide, I share:
  • Why it’s important to start having conversations with students and parents now about ways students can work on their literacy over the summer
  • Having students create a summer academic list at school for them to complete over the summer
  • An engaging and effective list of ideas on how to prevent the summer slide
  • A sneak peek of my virtual summer classes for kids
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You can tune in wherever you get your podcasts! Listen to The Literacy Dive Podcast on platforms like AppleSpotifyStitcherGoogle, and more! If you find value from listening to this podcast, please rate this show, leave a review, and follow!

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