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Welcome back to another episode! I’m so excited because today’s topic is something I’ve never discussed on the podcast, but it’s such an important conversation to have. On today’s episode, guest Kelsey Sorenson and I are having an open dialogue about providing tools and strategies to use towards improving teacher mental health.

Kelsey Sorenson is a former teacher and sub turned homeschool mom and owner of Wife Teacher Mommy. She has helped hundreds of thousands of educators cut down planning time and balance the many roles in their lives with her time-saving resources, blogs, and her new podcast. 

Wife Teacher Mommy has been featured on We are Teachers, Teachers pay Teachers, Jane, Etsy, Food Network, CBC, Fox, and NBC. Kelsey and her teacher team are excited to expand their mission even further with their Wife Teacher Mommy Club and  Educate & Rejuvenate event.

One of the reasons we decided on this topic is due to the fact that a lot of teachers are struggling with their mental health. It’s the end of the year, this is year three of teaching during a pandemic, and the educational gaps are at an all-time low. Teachers are dealing with a lot! Let alone all they have going on personally and at home. So this seems like the best time to have that conversation.

Kelsey gives a raw and real conversation about her own mental health journey that will certainly resonate with many of you. Along with her story, Kelsey provides tools and strategies viewers can apply and use today! 

These simple tools include adding “and that’s okay” at the end of your sentences, making time for yourself, and noticing and understanding your thoughts and how they affect your actions and experiences. 

Today’s topic is so important and affects so many people, that it’s important to have these conversations. I am so thankful Kelsey was able to share her journey and provide so many tools and strategies anyone can start applying today to start improving their mental health! 

In this episode on teacher mental health, we discuss:
  • Kelsey’s personal mental health journey 
  • Why the brain is like a muscle that you have to practice combating your negative thoughts 
  • Tools and strategies you can start using today to help with your overall mental health
  • The importance of making time for yourself and how to be successful in that area 
  • Why life coaching can be a positive outlet and effective tool towards your teacher mental health
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You can tune in wherever you get your podcasts! Listen to The Literacy Dive Podcast on platforms like AppleSpotifyStitcherGoogle, and more! If you find value from listening to this podcast, please rate this show, leave a review, and follow!

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