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Over the last few weeks, we’ve done a complete deep dive into vocabulary acquisition, its importance, and debunking common myths and misconceptions. Now that we covered the background information, in part three of this series, it’s time to discuss practical vocabulary strategies. In today’s episode, I’m sharing how to seamlessly integrate vocabulary strategies in your classroom and already existing daily curriculum. 

In order for information to permanently stick in a person’s brain, they need multiple exposures and interactions. So the more we integrate vocabulary strategies throughout our day and through cross-curricular, the deeper their understanding and meaning of words will be. Throughout the episode, I share copious amounts of vocabulary strategies that range from games, visuals, technology, and thematic or content related ways to naturally incorporate vocabulary. 

Deepening vocabulary acquisition is not a one size fits all approach, which is why finding ways to make connections with words is so critical. When you can start to integrate vocabulary strategies seamlessly in your classroom, your students will be able to interact and use words organically in their writing and daily discussions. Stay tuned to next week’s episode, which is our last in the series!

In this episode on how to integrate vocabulary strategies, I share:
  • Strategies that help guide students in solid vocabulary acquisition
  • Ways vocabulary strategies can be playful, along with examples of vocabulary games
  • Why making vocabulary visible is a reminder for students to use throughout the day
  • How to use vocabulary in thematic units and cross-curricular context
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