Writing Stamina: 6 Challenges Students Face and How to Help Them


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I am passionate about literacy, especially finding creative and engaging ways to get students writing. However, none of that matters if their writing stamina is low. I know from my experience being in the classroom, that so many of my students didn’t have the writing endurance for longer pieces of writing, which meant I had to come up with ways to increase their stamina over time. In the first episode in a series about writing stamina, I’m sharing six writing stamina challenges and strategies that support them to increase their stamina.

When I use the phrase “writing stamina”, I’m referring to more than just duration, but having students maintain their writing quality and engagement throughout their writing session. I break down this into three components and discuss why they need to work together to increase a student’s writing stamina. But when it comes to writing, students always face difficulties. Therefore, I highlight six main writing stamina challenges, why or how it’s a challenge, and strategies to implement that support each challenge.

Although making sure a student has good writing stamina might not seem like a big deal, it has an impact on their academic success. This includes standardized tests and their development of writing skills, which is why identifying students’ writing stamina challenges and understanding why it’s necessary to focus on is so important. Stay tuned to next week’s episode where I explore ways to build writing endurance with practical tips.

In this episode on writing stamina challenges, I share:
  • An overview of what writing stamina is and the three components that are needed for it to increase
  • Ways writing stamina is related to a student’s academic success in the future
  • Six challenges students face when it comes to writing stamina and strategies to implement to support each challenge 
  • A preview of next week’s episode in the series
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