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Do you have students who are constantly using bland and boring words in their writing? I know I sure do! I’m continuing our series on descriptive writing, but if you haven’t listened to the first two episodes in the series, Episode 94 and Episode 95, be sure to do that now. In today’s episode, I’m focusing on providing excellent word choice strategies to use with your students. 

When I noticed my students not being descriptive with their writing, I realized the words they were using were in their comfort zone. However, as I started implementing ways to get them out of their comfort zone, to think more creatively about the words they were choosing and using, their language became more colorful and descriptive. 

I came up with 7 word choice strategies to use with my students, which you can start using immediately in your classroom! As always, make sure you model and practice each strategy with your students so they know what’s expected of them and how to use each strategy properly. Those 7 strategies are:

  1. Use the language
  2. More action, more passion
  3. Use more adjectives
  4. Draw from your 5 senses
  5. Look for examples
  6. Partner practice
  7. Use a thesaurus

We’re all tired of our students using dull and ineffective word choice in their writing, so today’s episode is for you! By implementing my 7 easy and practical word choice strategies, your students will soon go from good writers to outstanding writers. Plus, stay tuned for next week’s episode where I dive into figurative language!

In this episode on excellent word choice strategies, I share:
  • 7 easy to implement word choice strategies
  • Various easy examples to get students thinking about using more descriptive word choice in their writing
  • The importance of creating and finding connections using real world examples or their environment
  • Why modeling is crucial for a student’s understanding
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